Woman with mat

"Carrie Anne has created her own style of relaxation to teach and she puts others at ease, if they are new to the Yoga experience. She can teach many methods/types of Yoga, but I feel athletes can benefit from her relaxation methods the most. I refer athletes to her when I feel they need stress reduction, relaxation through different breathing methods and/or restoration. It helps them to slow down and take time to be more aware of their body. She recognizes when an athlete needs personal attention and makes a pose more comfortable for them by easing up or repositioning. Many women need to take time to find something that restores them, and Carry Om Yoga is a wonderful way to bring this rejuvenation into a busy woman's life."

~ Jill Hill, Owner of F.I.T., Faith In Training, LLC April 9, 2014


"Carrie Anne was very accommodating and brought her Yoga teaching to my home for a small group session.  We had a ladies weekend and this was the perfect beginning to it!  She taught us relaxation methods and brought the girls to an understanding that Yoga is about meeting you where you are at, not about forcing a pose. She took the time to explain each movement's purpose and position.  It was a refreshing style - intensity taken out of life for a time, in the comfort and relaxation of our porch overlooking the bay."

~ J.H. April 9, 2014

woman meditating

"For anyone never stepping onto a mat, I want to tell you, Carrie Anne made me fall in love with Yoga & all it has to offer. I have always felt stressed & anxious about almost everything, including trying Yoga. After a couple of sessions with Carrie Anne, she really helped me relax & get in touch with my breath. Her gentle approachable teaching style has brought me pleasure & freedom to my mind, body & soul. I can't thank Carrie Anne enough for all she has brought into my life."

~ Deede April 9, 2014

Yoga on the beach

"As a new student, Carrie Anne made yoga comfortable and approachable. Her instruction is clear and easy to follow. I have experienced beautiful physical and emotional transformations through the practice of yoga. Carrie Anne has helped awaken my awareness, both on and off the mat."

~ Melissa S. April 9, 2014