Carry Om Yoga


Welcome to Carry Om Yoga, LLC!

Carry Om Yoga brings a Yoga studio experience to your preferred location. All you need to do is provide the space in Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, or anywhere along the Emerald Coast and Carrie Anne will carry Yoga to you!

The core of Carrie Anne’s teaching style is based on a functional approach to the Yoga poses, targeting the 14 skeletal segments and 10 myo-fascial groups of the body, to gain maximum benefit. Therefore, Carry Om Yoga prices include all props required other than your mat. All props are cleaned on a regular basis with an organic disinfectant or machine washed, whichever is appropriate.

Carry Om Yoga is committed to designing a sequence/practice for the individual student or a group’s needs or goals.

Carry Om Yoga, LLC Specializes in:

  • Yoga instruction based on individual ability & need
  • Focus on target areas of the individual body to gain maximum benefits of each pose
  • Stress reducing breathing techniques & postures
  • Improving fitness & flexibility

You have to do little to no work for Carrie Anne to come to you; it’s Carry Om Yoga that is traveling and bringing all the necessary props.