What’s the Difference? Private v. Private Group v. Public Lessons

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Private lesson

A private lesson means one-on-one instruction, one student and one teacher. The most hands-on, customized, “you are the only student in the room so it’s all about you” lesson. The teacher plans the lesson based on the individual student.

Private group lesson

A private group lesson is a group of individuals who hire a teacher for a lesson. The group knows one another so they’re comfortable practicing together and the setting is closed to the public. The teacher plans the lesson based on the group’s needs/goals.

Public lesson

A public lesson is a class that’s offered to the general public. Plain and simple, anyone is welcome to attend. It’s usually at a Yoga studio, gym, or other facility offering public classes (maybe the community center or local college). Schedule is set and you go to what fits your needs based on what’s being offered (time of day, style of class, etc). The instructor teaches what he/she has planned for the general class.

Why the price difference? The big reason private lessons are more expensive than public classes is that private lessons are tailored for the individual or group. You are paying the teacher for his/her time to do this for you so that you get the greatest benefit during the lesson. It’s not just about the hour the student and teacher spend together, but also the time it takes for the teacher to plan and develop the lesson for the student.

Can’t afford private Yoga? Public lessons are wonderful and affordable. They’re widely available, and you can try all types of Yoga on offer, i.e. Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Mommy & Me, whatnot. Sampling different classes with different teachers is a great way for you to discover what type of Yoga best suits you. It’s easier for the teacher to prepare a public class; it’s all based on the “average individual”. And, the cost for the lesson is shared by everyone attending, rather than an single individual.

Yoga is wonderful and beneficial to all. So call an instructor or drop in at a class…either way, get on your mat!!

Namaste Y’all,

~~Carrie Anne