Disconnect to Reconnect

Female group is doing yoga exercises in a fitness clubDisconnect to Reconnect

Yes, I realize the irony in writing a blog about disconnecting from the virtual world. I’m sure I’m not the first person to do this but the message bears repeating. Take time every day for yourself. Disconnect from all that is outside yourself so you can reconnect with what is within.

Sounds wonderful, blissful, and I will absolutely try it tomorrow, right? No, do it now. In fact, stop reading this and do it right now.

Still reading? Of course you are, that’s the direction our world has moved…I must always be connected. But, what if you weren’t connected? Would the world stop spinning? No. Would you really miss knowing what an actress was wearing? No. Would you care if you best friend from high school was getting coffee? No. How much of the online content that you absorb truly enhances your life?

I went on a Yoga retreat last year at a most beautiful, remote location in the foothills of Tennessee. Not much cellular service in those parts. I found it beyond amusing that a good number of the participants were seeking cell service because they “needed to check in, had to know what was going on, missed being in the loop.” I was not one of those; I can function fine without a mobile phone. I enjoy living in the real world, not a virtual one. PS: I’m not super old–merely in my mid 30s!

Take time every day to turn off all devices and distractions. Sit in silence for 10 minutes. And, as you sit, be an observer. Once you set the environment, don’t change anything. Simply observe. Try not to create thought or attachment to anything that arises. Notice, acknowledge, let go…like leaves falling from a tree. True happiness and stillness come from within, so tap into the internal and eternal by letting go of the external. Who knows, you just might like it more than you like your phone!

Namaste Y’all~~Carrie Anne

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  1. Jenelle

    Fantastic Line: “True happiness and stillness come from within, so tap into the internal and eternal by letting go of the external.”

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